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My Dinner Fantasy. 

Ok to lighten the mood a little and just for fun. Who would you have for dinner?

Anyone! Dead or alive, real or not!


I saw this picture of google, I was going to pick 10 but i was being a bit greedy.

  1. Robin Williams – I would never get bored of his jokes and impressions. What a great man.
  2. Ellie Goulding – I believe she is a great example/inspiration to music and women.
  3. Mark Pontius from Foster the People – I Love Foster the People and their music. Also hes quite handsome so he would have to be opposite me.
  4. Brandon Flowers from the The Killers – My favourite band and my ultimate crush. He would have to be directly opposite me. (Ok enough of the eye candy …)
  5. Robert Downey Jr – I think he is a great, funny, honest man. And if he came as Iron Man that would be a bonus.
  6. John Lennon – I Love his music as I’m a Beatles fan but always liked his solo stuff too. I could see us sitting at the table having a very in depth conversation.
  7. Any finally Zippy from the TV show Rainbow – For the laughs 😀


Who would you chose?







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