Anxiety & Mental Health

An Apple A Day


I am the hypercondriac!

If I had a quid for every time I thought I had something seriously wrong with me, I’d be a millionaire.

I have major health anxiety, another condition spawned by my tiring generalised anxiety.

I have had numerous blood tests, ECGs and pregnancy tests (any morning I wake up feeling slightly nauseous I’m adamant I’m pregnant).

I have the worrier gene so I’m always worrying, it’s normal to worry about health but my mind exaggerates any ache, pain or bug I may have and the discovery causes great anxiety.


I am constantly seeking information and reassurance, I know I shouldn’t but I google my symptoms.

I still ring my mum when I’m feeling unwell but that also brings comfort to me.
I make a GP appointment if I think it is something very serious. For example I got it into my head that I was certain I had a blood clot in my leg, it was just varicose veins.
I have rang 111 many times for advice and reassurance and have done when my son has been ill too.
Once I was having a terrible panic attack which was causing tight chest pains, I had done the NHS symptom checker and it advised me to ring 999, I decided to call 111 instead and they insisted on despatching an ambulance for me because I was having chest pains. I felt awful for being a time waster over a panic attack.

I always imagine the worse and dwell on it, I will have a headache and assume it’s something serious.
I sometimes wish I could have a full body MOT to rule out everything.

“Prevention is better than cure”

I am aware that my worrying is too much, and will be starting CBT soon to help with my anxiety as medication does not work for me and anyone taking anxiety meds will know the long list of side effects that comes with it. Which creates another viscous circle.

I will let you know how CBT goes once I start.
Hopefully I can help some of you.



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