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Last week I went on a spontaneous road trip to Margate in Kent with my family.

After telling people where I had been their initial reaction was Margate? Really? Why? It’s a bit run down isn’t it?

Well I tell you what I loved it, a retro town with long sandy beaches. Yes parts were run down but isn’t that the same in every town?

We ventured there to visit Dreamland, an old fashioned vintage funfair. It was like a step back in time (in a good way).

My anxiety had been quite bad lately which was why I started this blog. I again got an idea in my head, got excited and then anxious.
On the day I did my usual avoidances. I had a small breakfast so I wouldn’t feel too ill if my anxiety did decide to flare up and make an appearance.
I carry chewing gum around with me so if I do feel sick, the mint eases the nausea.
I have many things I avoid and I know they only help my short term anxiety and feed the long term.
But for now that’s ok, I’m working on it.
Well anyway I had a great day, not one anxiety attack.
Free entry but we bought wristbands and lots of retro rides.


A carousel, a mirror maze, chair planes, roller coasters, a ghost train, bumper cars, twister and many more.

I went on a couple of rides, the bumper cars, the carousel and the Ferris wheel, being at the top of the Ferris wheel was a bit scary. I felt dizzy as the seating we was in was swaying in the sky. I’m glad it only went round twice and was over and done with quickly so luckily it didn’t bring on a panic attack.


The View from the Ferris Wheel

The place wasn’t too busy, off one ride and straight onto the next. My son was in his element, he is a daredevil and will try anything. Him and his dad managed a lot of rides whilst I sat out and watched.


I felt great, the place was so me.

After a round of the rides, we went into the roller disco. I’ve always wanted to go to one, I should of added it to my bucket list.

Well I haven’t skated in a long long time on four wheels, my son had never skated before and his dad had decided to sit this one out.

What a laugh, skating around to 80’s pop and flashing disco lights.

I managed to stay up right whilst my boy fell over numerous time, I kept calling him Bambi. He laughed each time just got up and carried on with the biggest grin on his face.
He is the most determined person I know.

After another round of the rides we stopped for ice cream. My son went for the biggest 99 cone of course.

A long day but a good one, the best I’ve had in a long time.




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