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12 Reasons why Miranda is my favourite


I am a huge fan of Sex and the City!
The perfect show surrounded my strong independent women (well 2 independent women I believe)

But I like them all, they all have their likable traits, Samantha is hilarious, Charlotte is endearing, Carrie is a flawed but a relatable character but after careful consideration and watching all 6 series over a bazillion times Miranda Hobbes is my favourite.

She is not the obvious favourite but to me she is brilliant.
I probably relate to her the most.

So I made a list, because lists are fun.
Here’s why she is my favourite…

  1. She is incredibly cynical, there is nothing wrong with romance, but like her I find to much quite overwhelming.

2. She is realistic and not afraid to be it.


3. She is smart, she works hard and knows what she is about but she is overlooked and she shouldn’t be because she doesn’t dress up all the time.

4. Like me it takes a while to realise what she wants in life (relationship wise). She tries to act strong all the time.


5. She cares about more than just men.


6. And when she didn’t want to talk about men, she simply didn’t.


7. She made more money than her boyfriend and she was fine with it. She works hard and she is proud of what she has accomplished.


8. Even though she didn’t like children, she is a good mother.



9. Just this moment….


10. And she picked witch.


11. She was a good friend, always there for them even if she didn’t agree with something.


12. But she wasn’t afraid to be honest with them either.






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