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Its FriYAY


Its Friday, the weekend has nearly landed!
I am currently at work slowly counting down the hours, thinking what shall I have for dinner later? Shall I get some wine? What film shall I watch? And ahhhh the feeling of not having to get up early tomorrow.

I am looking forward to some family time and also a friend is throwing a 30th birthday party for her partner, it is 80’s theme. I have a feeling it is going to be a fun weekend.

Its also been a good week, no major anxiety attacks, works been steady and its gone by quickly.

Yesterday my son and I went over to his school friends house so they could play and me and the mum could drink tea and chat.
It was nice, I have met lovely people through my sons school.
I have also met some lovely people through my blog.
I am keen to make new friends.


Because some of my ‘best’ friends have let me down. By some I have been dropped, used and only good enough when they have nothing better to do.


Besides myself, my actual best friend is the busiest person I know. She has a child, full time job, goes to university, and runs a household. She still makes time for me like I do for her.
Its a shame I am not important enough to have time made for me by other friends.

As I have got older I have realised its okay to not have loads of friends, just the carefully selected  real ones!

Anyway this post is about Friday, my thoughts are wondering again.

Have a great weekend.







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