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Pet Peeve of the Week #1

So we all have pet peeves, those little habits of others that really get on our nerves.

I thought I would create a pet peeve of the week just for amusement.
Me and my boss were discussing it this morning, we had a giggle and I thought I’d add something lighthearted to my blog.

Something that really bugs me is those who will make themselves a cup of tea or coffee and leave the canisters all over the place, empty, and lids off.

Sounds so silly whilst I am typing this but it drives me mad!

Both at home and at the office.

My partner will make a tea and he creates so much mess and it is the same at work colleagues will make a round of drinks, I will go into the kitchen after them and the canisters are all out of place, sugar is everywhere and spoons and teabags are just left in a little pot.


Firstly you do not need to move the pots around to get a teabag, they are in arms reach.

Secondly the bin is right next to you, just simply put the teabags in the bin.

And thirdly put the sugar in the cup, there is no need to sprinkle it everywhere.

I just do not understand the mess they cause, I will make a tea and I simply open the lid, get a teabag, put it in the cup, add some sugar, and then put the teabag in the bin.


Haha, please take this lightly and tell me your pet peeves.




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