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Homeware Haul 

I recently decorated my bedroom and went for a really girly theme, I now love spending time in my room.

I was inspired by another blogger named Tracey to do a Homeware haul.

My first favourite item is my pink wild and wolf retro telephone. I love retro telephones and searched for this one in particular for ages, I finally bagged it on eBay for £16.00.

I found this chest of draws on a selling site called Gumtree. It was shabby and dirty and had bronze handles but only cost £15.00. I restyled it myself by spraying it white and adding my own floral handles I bought from eBay.

I love Alice in Wonderland and came across this lantern on I purchased it for £10.00.

Another Alice in Wonderland find. This is one of my favourite quotes ever and had to buy it. Cheap as chips on eBay.

Since I was younger I always wanted some Russian dolls, my cousin had some and out of spite never let me look at them. I found some recently at a car boot sale for £2.00.

These fox coasters are for my living room. I needed some coasters and I love foxes so of course I bought these when I spotted them on eBay.
I love Homeware bits and bobs and the cheaper the better.



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