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So My Mind Can Relax


So I went away last Wednesday to Friday to Wales with my partner.

We had chosen to go to Wales as we last went 7 years ago and wanted to stay in the same resort again, we also wanted to go to Barry island as we are both Gavin and Stacey fans and that is where it was filmed.
And we both needed some relaxation, my partner has been a run down lately with everyday stress and I needed to escape my anxiety.

If I’m honest I was feeling anxious, I was having a positive week and had been looking forward to this break for a while.
I had so many reasons to be anxious, as me and my partner only got back together this year we had never been away together without our son. I go away on my travels but feel comforted knowing he was left with his dad.
But this time we were both away without him, he stayed with his Nan and he of course was fine and excited.

Another reason was the road trip I always get worked up that something will happen.

And although I was looking forward to the spa I was anxious as I had never had a massage before. I would have to walk around this spa in a robe.
I had gone to day spas before with my friends but just afternoon tea packages with finger sandwiches and an hour or so in the sauna and pool.
This time it was a bit more intimate and personal.

Our journey was fine, and our first evening we had a beautiful 3 course meal.

In the morning we went down to Barry island and visited some of the filming locations of the TV show Gavin and Stacey.
Other than our fan visit there we went to the beach, a bit chilly but would be lovely in the summer.
Nice long sandy beaches with beautiful views.




After our stop to Barry island, it was time to go into the spa.

Again I was feeling quite panicky, I usually like to rely on someone in social situations but going with my man I had to go in the changing rooms alone.
I could feel myself getting into a fluster.

After being shown around the spa we settled in a slumber zone before our massage. Calming sounds of waves were playing through the stereo, after 10 minutes I completely switched off I was in a trance and my mind just held onto the sound of the waves. It was the first time I was able to meditate and I could of laid there for hours.

It was now time for the massage I was nervous of the thought of a complete stranger touching me, however after 5 mins in I was completely relaxed, a full body massage for a whole hour. Like OH MY GOSH! Heaven!
After that and the meditation on top I had never felt more relaxed in my whole life.

I could do that everyday, it really eased my anxiety. I am even considering changing my spare room, painting it a deep purple, filled with candles, and waves playing on a radio just like the slumber zone at the spa.

I was a new person afterwards and it really had an affect on me.

That evening me and my partner went outside of the hotel for dinner, we went for tapas and I tried new foods and ordered the meal, both of which I never do.
I was not thinking of my safe foods and had this great confidence wave over me.

Sadly my new confidence didn’t last long as I had a huge panic attack yesterday, but that is okay as it was the first big one I have had all week.

Instead of relying on meds I am starting to understand and cope with my anxiety so much better.
I have started weaning myself off of Citalopram and replacing it with writing my blog, exercise, meditation and a lately a spa treatment.
Trying all these new ways of dealing with my anxiety is having such a positive affect.




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