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The Positive Blog.

Its time to post something positive.
As some of you may have noticed I have a lot of ups and downs, I am a very wobbly person.


I am not an inspiring writer, I am only a beginner. I may not have the correct spellings at times or grammar, but that’s okay because I created this blog to document positive and negative moments in my life and I really enjoy it.

To me blogging is addictive but in a good way, it has become my favourite site.

I feel great, I’m getting my thoughts out and I don’t feel judged. They’re are so many nice folks on here that I can relate and hopefully vice versa.

Why blogging has been good for me…

1. I am thinking clearly for the first time in a long time, I have bottled up all my thoughts for so long because I had no where to put them. I have always struggled with being open with others although I have been open with my blog so far, I am still hiding behind a screen but its a start. It has been easy to share things with those who do not judge and those who can relate to me.

2. I am learning new things.

3.  I feel my confidence has grown, I felt so alone with my anxiety but joining this site has shown me I am not alone.

4. It has challenged me. I have come out of my comfort zone and I have let myself be honest. I can pour out of my thoughts and feelings.

5. I feel it has given me some freedom from my anxiety. I can do this blog anywhere and anytime and my anxiety cannot get in the way of it.

6. It has eased some personal problems for me just by expressing them. Everybody has problems, a problem shared is a problem halved.

7. It makes me happy.

8. I have even created a space at home to write my blog and I love it…


9. I can document all my favourite memorable moments and the hard times too. I have something to look back on.

10. And finally, its a great feeling and money cannot buy it.



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