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Very British Problems.

I am feeling slightly better than yesterday, I shouldn’t neglect my blog.

Anyway I am sitting here at my lovely desk, drinking my morning coffee looking at the grey rainy skies out the window and because of that I thought it would be a perfect time to write a sort of book review on Very British Problems. (being British and it raining seemed to fit)

I have followed Very British Problems on Facebook for a while now so I decided to buy their book, it made me laugh all through out, I certainly could relate to every single scenario.

I read the book in one day and the only complaint I have is that it didn’t last longer.

It also got me thinking… is this written by someone with anxiety or is it just Very British Problems?
Because I can relate to it by being anxious and British, some areas seem to be anxious (to me anyway) whilst others are just general light hearted taking the piss moments.

However despite being anxious us Brits are an eccentric lot and this book points out many of our weird little quirky habits, it makes fun of our constant need to apologise and our obsession with queuing, it jokes about our addiction to tea and biscuits and it laughs at our obsession with the weather. I couldn’t wait to share parts with my partner where I knew he could definitely relate to it. It is top notch and highly amusing.

I am sure every British person who reads it will find some of it if not all of it hilarious, maybe even recognise themselves in every chapter. I am sure other nationalities will certainly have a giggle at our expense.

I really recommended this read if its not much trouble of course, in the meantime here are some of my favourite quotes…

~ Switching from ‘kind regards’ to ‘regards’ as a warning you are dangerously close to losing your temper.

~ Feeling obliged to ask a taxi driver if they’ve ‘been busy?’, but then staying silent for the rest of the journey.

~ Asking for the bill by moving your lips and miming with your hands, because using actual sound would be vulgar.

~ Feeling generally terrified that one David Attenborough won’t be on the television anymore, but trying not to think about it.

~ Tying your hands behind your back to stave off the temptation top pour the kettle when only half boiled.

~ Being able to summon rain simply by washing your car and hanging out your laundry.

~Switching on the telly to see someone canoeing down their street at least three times a year.

~ Noticing a small patch of blue skies and immediately purchasing 24 cases of Pimm’s.

~ Attempting to deal with a queue jumper by staring fiercely at the back of their head.

~ Using ‘honestly, it’s fine’ to warn of your imminent meltdown.

~ Making a phone call just as your whole office decides to fall silent causing you to forget how to speak.

~ Leaving a light on before abandoning your house for two weeks, in the hope that any burglars will be convinced you spend the entirely of your evenings in the hallway.

~ Running out of ways to say thank you when a succession of doors are held for you, having already deployed ‘cheers’, ‘ta’ and ‘nice one’.

I could go on and on.



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