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December Favourites/Christmas Haul



Happy New Year all!!
Ok so my December favourites and Christmas haul are a tad late but I have been super hectic these past couple of weeks! (I am quite glad to be back into routine again).

So December, my favourites, well…

First of all my son was Joseph in his nativity play, he sang a duet, had a few lines and I was so so so so so SO sooooo proud!!


December is a manic month what with Christmas preparation, doing the rounds of seeing family and close friends, and general day to day stuff (mine including work, family life and studying I’M SHATTERED)!

Just a few other favourites moments…

Christmas fayre with my son visiting Santa!!

Warm snugly wintry cuddles (as my cat and son love to do)


Hot chocolate!
Christmas songs.

My Christmas meal with my girls, always a guaranteed laugh filled with food, prosecco, and silly secret Santa presents!


And of course Christmas, a magical day that begins at the crack of dawn to the ends of the night!
My son still believes in Santa and wish he always would! I had my partners family over and it was a bit hectic but we all had a wonderful day! However on Boxing day morning I did have an almighty panic attack.



My favourites presents this year…

  1. My fox teddy, my son bought me this as he knows I love foxes. He is so sweet!15823590_10154411414134092_5284560441748489069_n
  2. My fox socks (chosen by my son and bought by his dad)15894688_10154411414149092_5807483847678119031_n
  3. My sister bottle light from my sister…15822620_10154411414144092_4721670667415817146_n.jpg
  4. My crazy cat lady sign from my friend…15822585_10154411414224092_3888968788428715470_n
  5. My Yankee candle…


I love small thoughtful presents, they’re the best kind. It really shows how my close people really know me.

I hope you ALL had a magical Christmas and an amazing New Year!!

I will be keeping updates of my year ahead and look forward to reading yours.



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