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My Year Ahead


Good morning all.

I am feeling positive today, I am over my bug and had a nice relaxing weekend.
I am really looking forward to this year, my plans are positive and feel like I will achieve lots.

My plans for this year are…

Start my therapy. I had a phone call on Friday and I start next week, sooner than I had expected as well.

Complete my AAT level 2 course and start the level 3.

Buy a house, we are still looking for our ideal home and I hope this year we will be moved in and settled. I cannot WAIT to start decorating and filling the home with quirky accessories. 

Carry on ticking things off of my Bucket List. I am being a bit realistic and only picked a few things from the list as I have my therapy and my course and do not want to over do it and have too many things on.

You can see my Bucket List here.

Here are a few things I am going to tick off this year…

~Watch the Sunrise
~Me and my sister have booked our tattoos.
~Go Stargazing
~Try meditation (again)
~In May I am going to Prague. I am really excited as the city looks stunning.
~And Paris with my sister, just a day trip really as we only want to see two things, obviously one being the Eiffel Tower and the other the Notre Dame.

I recommend writing a Bucket List, not only does it give you things to look forward to, it helps you concentrate on positive things.

And finally lots of adventures with my boy, family, and friends.


Of course I will keep updating.




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