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January Favourites

I haven’t really got much to bring to my January favourites. This month has had some really high ups and downs, the up being we put an offer into a house and the low being my father was taking ill to the hospital with his cancer (hes home and recovering now).
January is such a depressing month anyway and every year I suffer with SAD seasonal affective disorder.
However even though it is delayed I didn’t want to not do it as my ‘Favourites’ are a positive aspect on my blog (life).

So its short and sweet but here are my favourite things/moments from January…

We put an offer into a house!! Well we had to bid on it and still waiting confirmation!

My little fox ornament that I found in a little bric and brac shop.


I started therapy and I am writing weekly updates.

Cuddles from my friends gorgeous Bull Terrier Winston. I always get squashed cuddles from this soppy boy.



I got this cute little handmade Fox dish from Etsy, I had bought it to put my keys and change on but didn’t realise it was this small. BUT of course it being a Fox I love it.


So I thought I’d buy a bigger decorative dish for my keys and change and I got this from ASOS.

Again a bit too small so instead of ending up with loads of random small dishes in my house I think I’ll buy my next one from a shop instead of online.



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