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I didn’t have a therapy session last week, so no update for now.
I thought I would speak about my anxiety songs!

When I am having a down day caused by the strain of anxiety I sometimes listen to my ‘anxiety playlist’ to motivate myself out of this mood and give me the F@%K YOU ANXIETY attitude. It is great when I am driving somewhere blaring out my chosen songs and singing them (terribly) too.

Music is great for a lot of things, to get your emotions out, to make you feel happy, to bring back a memory and listening to my anxiety songs does help release the tension.
So I thought I would share some of my chosen songs with you.

  1. Queen – I want to break free. This is self explanatory really ‘I want to break free’ from my anxiety, plus I love Queen and if I am watching the music video it always makes me laugh.


2. Baz Lurmann –  Everybody is free to wear sunscreen. A whole inspiring speech over a mellow background, no matter what you are feeling down about this song and its lyrics will bring some positivity into your life!

3. The Beatles – Let it be. I love The Beatles and when I am on a real big downer and need something to curl up into a ball to, this is my first choice. It helps me unwind.

4. Cat Stevens- Wild World. A soft number, it really is a wild world and this number really calms me down.

5. The Killers – This is your life. Yes it is my life and I love Brandon Flowers and The Killers. A number to drive to.

6. And something a bit more up beat Simple Minds – Don’t you forget about me. I love stupidly dancing around to this, it always puts me in a good mood.


I have thousands of favourite songs, THOUSANDS! I love music and the way it can make me feel. But this small selection really does help my anxiety (I am sure I have forgotten to add some). Try them you never know.

Let me know your chosen anxiety songs.



7 thoughts on “Songs for Anxiety

  1. I LOVE The Beatles. My children are even named after them. I also really like your chosen anxiety music! I do the same thing. Music is so powerful. My anxiety go-to is Nahko and Medicine for the People. Specifically a song called Aloha Ke Akua. The music video version is long, but it slows the song down and has a beautiful video to go along with it. I even turn it on when I’m doing yoga.

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    1. Me too. Ah brilliant, I wanted to call my son Lennon but my partner wouldn’t let me. Thank you, I will have to look up. I always enjoy music videos and watching them helps my anxiety also. There is one song that I came across one day on youtube, its called song for zula, I really liked the video and it made me enjoy the song more, its quite calm. The longer the song the better, I don’t like it when a song ends. xx


      1. Exactly! I’ll have to check it out! My son’s are Jude and Julian (which you probably know was Lennon’s son’s name and the inspiration for Hey Jude), so they are actually named after the same song. It is neither of their favorites. In fact, Jude didn’t start liking it until recently now that he is older, and always preferred Blackbird, since that was his lullaby. At night, I really love to listen to Moonlight Sonata. It has a great calming effect!

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      2. ah how lovely, they’re beautiful names, brilliant idea and I love Hey Jude. My son has always enjoyed twist and shout and let it be. He likes the ending to hey Jude although lately he has swayed more to David Bowie and Queen. Will have to listen to that at night, anything with a calming effect is a winner for me. 😀


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