Positive Moments

I Love This Community


I just wanted to a take a moment to really appreciate this blogging website.
Everyone is so nice, kind and positive towards each other. It is so refreshing.


This site feels like a million miles away from social media where you have nothing but judgmental pricks and negative trolls.
I deleted twitter a few years back, but still have Facebook and Instagram. I use Instagram as a photo album of all my favourite and memorable photos, Instagram isn’t too bad BUT Facebook is awful!! I know I still use it but I have lots of distant family and friends on there and it is nice to see what old and new friends are up to.
However everybody is trying to out do one another, I’ve seen really nice people turn into attention seekers who “fish for likes”. The know it all, the politicians, the I’m better than everyone else! I cannot stand it. I could never be as open on my Facebook like I have on my blog. Why? Because I would be instantly judged and slagged off by people I ACTUALLY know!!
We spend hours scrolling through the news feed on Facebook, its not a news feed… the only news I see on Facebook is bad news and the rest is gossip. I once saw a girl from my school that is on my Facebook in the street, she wasn’t going to say hello so I made a point of saying HELLO!!
I know I should delete Facebook, it probably would feel liberating and I am sure I will in the near future as I go on there less and share less. I am checking my blog more. Yay!


What I love about this site is I can share my most negative moments and feel supported by strangers who know what it is like to have anxiety and panic attacks, I love seeing positive comments left on other blogs, everyone on here is encouraging and willing to share their experiences and advice.
Also it is nice to see others write about what they are passionate about and share their thoughts and advice. Even if you are like me and not the best writer, it doesn’t matter, there are no grammar police on here!

Is this spirit ever going to come to social media?!



I believe since I have started my blog, my anxiety has got slightly better. I know I am not the only one and do not feel alone with it also I have had some great advice and read so many good ways of managing anxiety from your posts.

Thank you everyone for posting your stories and for reading mine.




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