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It’s my Birthday and i’ll Blog if I want to!


Hooray it is my Birthday… Happy Birthday to me.

I am now 28! When did this happen?! Two years to go until the big 30!
So that makes me a Pisces – I love being a Pisces (yes I am into horoscopes)

Today has really just been an ordinary day really, I had lunch last week with the girls, saw my family yesterday (as it was my sisters birthday) and having a takeaway with my partner and son tonight. I must say though I have been very spoilt by my family and friends. My mum, dad and sister got me home bits for my new home of which by the way the broker told us today it had been approved, that was pretty awesome news for my birthday (so I am currently packing and its so slowwww!)
My friends brought me chocolates (yes!) Prosecco (YES!) and one of mine friends brought me a ring from Pandora and another is taking my to a spa next month (YESS!)
My partner and son bought me a Xbox one (YESSSSS!), a cake and more chocolates!


And not to forget I have had some lovely cards and messages today.

Finally just a little interesting fact I would like to add I share my birthday with George Harrison from The Beatles.

Have a lovely weekend all.

I will update my last therapy session at some point over the weekend.




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