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I’m not having Anxiety anymore…

  Yes you have read that right, I am not having anxiety anymore! I am so beyond fed up, I really do need to face my fears and give anxiety the boot. So I’ve thought if I change my attitude it might just work. I’ve suffered with panic attacks for 17 years, I had always…… Continue reading I’m not having Anxiety anymore…

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The Anxiety Update.

The last time I posted something associated with my anxiety was months ago and when I was having CBT therapy. I gave up with the therapy, we were covering the same situations in each session and it didn’t help, I just left with an education in anxiety. That’s not to say it doesn’t work and…… Continue reading The Anxiety Update.

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Therapy update #4

Hi all, hope you are having a great weekend. Time for my therapy update and they have given me homework…to be my own detective and figure out what triggers my panic attacks. Let me explain. We figured out that the majority of my panic attacks happen very quickly unless they are related to my emetophobia…… Continue reading Therapy update #4

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I think, therefore I am

I think, therefore I am anxious.   I had my first session of┬ácognitive behavioural therapy on Friday and I must say I am feeling so positive about it already. I was obviously anxious about starting and meeting my new therapist, and he could tell as I had hoped he would (he is a therapist). Although…… Continue reading I think, therefore I am